T800 Base Stations/Repeaters Options and Accessories

T800 – Options and Accessories

The T800 base station/repeater has a number of accessories and options available that are used to build a T800 base station, or can be used to enhance its functionality.

Such accessories and options include:


This is required for test transmissions, and plugs into the user interface on the front panel.

The microphone can be configured to transmit over-the-air or as line audio.


Tone Remote Alarm
The tone remote alarm module allows a dispatcher to remotely control and monitor a T800 Series II base station/repeater.

This tone remote is fully compatible with both standard and customized communications consoles, and provides the following standard tone-remote functions as an integrated part of the T800 base station/repeater range: Tx Key, Rx monitor, repeater talk-through and F1-F8 channel selection.

This module can be configured to provide the following additional functionality:

  • Alarm monitoring: Includes Tx forward power, reverse power, battery low and line failure. Alarm generation is selectable from common 5-tone sequences and/or a 'pip' tone down the line and/or over-the-air. Alarms can be cancelled remotely from the dispatch console or locally via the front panel
  • Simple site control: Allows remote operation of up to four 'wildcard' open-collector outputs which are typically used for controlling site access or tower lighting
  • Voting tone generation: Provides for three types of voting tone sequences, which are compatible with industry standard formats.

Portable Repeater
The T800 portable repeater provides all the performance of a T800 Series II base station/repeater, packed into a compact 21inches x 11.8inches x 9.3inches (534mm x 300mm x 235mm) cabinet complete with power source.

Where temporary communications are required, the high performance of the T800 portable repeater means you can be confident of reliable communications wherever it is placed.

This portable repeater offers:

  • 25W power output (5W if battery powered)
  • Full duplex operation
  • Battery power source available.

Power Combiner
You can add a power combiner to a T800 Series II transmitter to achieve a 200W continuous duty cycle transmitter. In the unlikely event that one of the 100W power amplifiers fails, the output power will still be maintained at 50W. This protects the system from transmitter outage and consequential damages such as loss of revenue.

Changeover Module
A changeover module for use with the T800, provides automated failure protection using a standby transmitter and receiver. A front panel switch selects which set of equipment is active during normal operation, relegating the other to standby.


T800 base station/repeater modules include transmitters, receivers, exciters (receiver/reciters), power supplies, power combiners and duplexers.

T800 Series II Receivers
This high performance modular base station/repeater receiver offers exceptional reliability and ruggedness in a modular, versatile design.

T800 Series II Transmitters and Exciters
The T800 Series II 25W transmitter offers high performance and rugged construction, with 128 channel capacity.

T800 Series II 50 and 100W transmitters consist of an exciter and power amplifier, and offer high performance and continuous duty in a modular design.

Power Supplies

See below for the range of power supplies available for T800 base stations/repeaters.

Switchmode Power Supply for 25W Base Stations/Repeaters

  • 13.8VDC output, 14.5 Amps, 110/240VAC input
  • Installed onto a 5U vertical panel or a 2U vertical panel for slimline base stations and repeaters

Switchmode Power Supply for 50/100W Base Stations/Repeaters

  • 13.8VDC output, 30A, 110/240VAC input
  • Installed onto a 5U vertical panel

Programming Accessories

Programming Kit
The programming kit contains service kit, CD and cable

Programming Cable
The programming cable available separately

Calibration Test Unit
The calibration test unit is used to configure, run-up and test the T800 for operation

Coax Relay Assemblies
Coaxial/antenna relay with fittings and mounting brackets are available