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P25 Digital Radio

P25 for Public Safety

With 40 years mission critical radio experience, Tait has engineered the new Tait P25 platform to exceed Public Safety's expectations at every level from reliability and affordability to coverage and interoperability.

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P25 for Utilities

Utilities needing to interoperate with Public Safety organizations will benefit from a platform that delivers open standards based technology, clearer voice calls and a more securely encrypted network.

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P25 Features

  • Phase 2 upgradeable

    The Tait P25 platform is software-upgradeable to Phase 2. This gives Public Safety agencies maximum flexibility on timings and highly efficient options that will avoid an expensive and complicated "forklift" upgrades.

  • System resilience and redundancy

    The safety and effectiveness of first responders depends on a reliable mission critical radio system. The Tait P25 platform is designed to provide levels of resilience and redundancy that are optimized to meet requirements and budgets.

  • System Design Services and Coverage Design Services

    Tait System Design Engineers will configure your P25 solution to meet your current and future requirements. Tait's coverage experts will design your network to maximize coverage and availability within your budget.

  • A small, light portable packed with features

    Smaller and lighter than its competitors; the new Tait P25 TP9400 portable packs features including GPS, Bluetooth, 256 bit AES encryption, water shedding technology and multiple programmable keys into an ergonomically designed, rugged and customizable package.

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P25 9100 Series

With industry-leading digital audio clarity, superb build quality and tested in a P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) recognized laboratory, the 9100 series continues to provide reliable digital communications for mission critical users.

Portables | Mobiles | Base Stations

P25 Phase 2 TDMA 9400 Series

Featuring IP connected servers, software upgradability to Phase 2 and with the most compact portables on the market, the T9400 series is designed to conquer the challenges faced by mission critical users.

Portables | Mobiles | Base Stations