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DMR Digital Mobile Radio

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DMR for Utilities

DMR is the no compromise digital radio platform for electric utilities. The right platform for building a narrowbanding compliant, fully connected and secure enterprise delivering improved voice, data, and location services.

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DMR for Public Safety

DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise digital radio platform for police, fire and ambulance. It is open standards based for better interoperability, DMR Tier 3 offers better data, AVL, and clearer voice calls over a more securely encrypted network.

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DMR Tier 3 Features

  • Network manageability

    The Tait Enable suite of network management components helps utilities to more effectively manage their communications infrastructure. Tait Enable monitors and reports on your DMR network to give you greater control over your assets.

  • Location services

    Vehicle location and telemetry data drive improvements in organizational efficiency. DMR Tier 3 exceeds DMR standards to offer unparalleled AVL and telemetry data capacity, even during peak voice traffic.

  • Radio network capacity management

    The DMR Tier 3 platform gives network managers greater radio network visibility and control, improving decision making and delivering more efficient use of radio spectrum.

  • Coverage

    With superior audio quality at the edge of coverage, excellent range, support for high power transmission, and the ability to reuse existing sites and spectrum, Tait DMR Tier 3 is the most cost-efficient digital radio solution providing analog equivalent coverage.

  • Conversation privacy

    Tait DMR Tier 3 has been engineered to support the highest levels of conversation privacy. The trunked DMR Tier 3 platform provides support for network access control, voice and data encryption, conversation privacy and radio stun and kill.

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White Paper

Digital Radio Standards Uncovered

This paper provides a technical introduction to digital radio standards and related technology platforms.

DMR Express and DMR Access Solutions

DMR Solution Guide

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 View the Black Hills Power video case study

24/7 reliable communication Download Case Study as a PDF (223.7 KB)

Quad-mode Terminals

The Tait 9300 DMR terminals operate in four modes—analog conventional, MPT 1327 trunking, DMR Tier 2 conventional, and DMR Tier 3 trunking—supported by a single firmware version.

Tait delivers DMR conventional (Tier 2) on our high quality 9300 portable and mobile radios in partnership with select regional infrastructure providers. Our Tier 2 offering provides a feature set that will satisfy the demands of the DMR conventional market while also enabling our clients to capitalize on the investment and knowledge we have gained through the development of our DMR Tier 3 trunking solutions.

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