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P25 (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

Project 25 (P25) is a suite of digital mobile radio standards which define interoperable communications for emergency services.

P25 9100 Phase 1 and 9400 Phase 2-upgradable Mobiles, Portables, Base Stations/Repeaters and Networks


Open DMR, ETSI based digital radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio.

DMR 9300 Mobiles, Portables and Base Stations/Repeaters

MPT 1327 and MPT-IP

Industry standard for trunked radio communications networks.

Mobiles | Portables | Base stations/Repeaters | Networks


Conventional radio systems tailored to meet a wide variety of customers' needs.

Mobiles | Portables | Base stations/Repeaters | Networks

Network Management

Tait Enable Management Tools

Tait Enable is a collection of extensible management tools that will unlock the potential of your network.


Design Services

Design of an optimal solution taking in account your Capex and Opex objectives.

Deploy Services

Your communications system brought into service smoothly, with your staff trained to use, manage and maintain it.

Support Services

Trouble-free operation maintained over an extended lifetime with managed cost controls.

Managed Services

Our Service Management Centers located around the globe are staffed with trained and experienced professionals using industry-leading management applications to look after your critical communications network.

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