P25 open-standard technology is the interoperable, competitive choice

Many Public Safety agencies now understand the constraints of proprietary functionality. Here at Tait we are committed to open-standards technology to deliver mission critical communications to you, the customer. Our open standards design and approach delivers greater choice, increased vendor competition and genuine interoperability across your network.

The P25 standard was designed specifically for achieving true interoperability for all customers, combined with the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP), Public Safety agencies around the world are now confidently choosing P25 open-standard technology for interoperable, future-proofed systems.

The suite of P25 standards are comprehensive and covers an entire network with multiple layers – from open interfaces such as the P25 Common Air Interface (P25 CAI), to application layers such as encryption and the vocoder, down to the physical layer that covers modulation schemes.

Key aspects of P25 open-standard technology:

  • Designed specifically for Public Safety by Public Safety industry bodies and end users
  • Ensure interoperability and future choices with non-proprietary technology
  • Maximizes available budget with vendor competition
  • Comprehensive standards definition to cover all aspects of your communications system
  • DES and AES encryption algorithms to deliver private and secure communications across the network
P25 Open Standards : Delivering genuine interoperability.