Tait P25 simulcast with integrated architecture reduces points of failure and system delays

Public Safety agencies looking for cost effective investment can rely on Tait P25 base stations. The integrated architecture of the P25 Base Station features SNMP fault and power management, whilst the P25 simulcast master and receiver voter are both built into the base station, saving expensive rack space, power and cabling. Multiple units within one ruggedized base station casing increases equipment protection and therefore reliability.

In-built redundancy between master and receiver limits the impact on the system, maintains the level of service and ensures officers out in the field are never left without reliable communications.

Tait P25 communications systems, voting and re-transmission to multiple locations is typically managed by the Tait channel group integrated within the P25 base station. The Tait simulcast master constantly monitors the system delay to all of the satellite base stations it controls and optimizes the delay by sending IP packets to the satellites in a timely fashion, delivering efficient communications as a result.

Benefits of the Tait P25 simulcast highly integrated architecture are:

  • Reliable and cost-effective performance with built-in redundancy
  • Minimized system delay with optimized performance
P25: Engineered to deliver optimized performance.