Smooth migration and deployment

The safety of first responders depends on your mission critical radio system. Radio system owners need confidence that system upgrades will be completed smoothly, on time, on budget and without disruption to system availability. The Tait P25 platform is engineered to ensure smooth and seamless migration from your existing radio solution – with your critical communications uninterrupted.

The Tait P25 platform ensures smooth deployment with:

  • end to end system design, manufacture and deployment
  • true standards based, interoperable networks and radios
  • highly integrated base stations
  • world class coverage design and project management
  • the smallest, lightest multi-mode Public Safety portables

Migrating from your current analog radio system to a P25 digital system, and then from Phase 1 P25 to Phase 2 P25 may require several migration stages over several years. A multiple-stage approach to technology migration ensures achievement of operational objectives within controlled budgets. Tait Network Migration experts can provide an expertly planned, managed and deployed migration from your existing network technology to a new Phase 2 upgradeable P25 system.

True standards based technology

All Tait P25 systems are designed to conform fully with the P25 standards and are CAP tested to ensure compliance.  This standards-based design approach and testing provides confidence that the system will deploy smoothly and will interoperate seamlessly with your P25 equipment from other vendors.

Multimode terminals

Because, Tait P25 terminals are multi-mode, they are capable of operating immediately on your old analog radio system and then moving onto your new P25 network as it is activated. Multi-mode capability adds enormous flexibility to the roll-out of the P25 equipment.

Highly integrated base stations with IP connectivity

The Tait TB9400 is a comprehensive base station incorporating voting, simulcast and management components. Combined with the full IP standards based connectivity of the Tait P25 core network, this integration makes the Tait P25 platform straightforward and efficient to deploy. The Tait P25 platform is engineered to reduce the complexity and quantity of equipment that must be deployed at each of your radio sites.

Phase 2 upgradeable

For many public safety agencies, migration to P25 is imminent but the move to Phase 2 P25 is not yet required. The Tait P25 platform is software upgradeable to Phase 2, with terminals and base station hardware that are able to operate in TDMA and type approved for P25 Phase 2 operation. So when the time comes for Phase 2 operation the system can be smoothly migrated with software upgrades across all systems elements.

Tait services, delivering a seamless, risk-free managed cutover

Tait's world leading services team are able to take full responsibility for the seamless transition of your radio system to the Tait P25 platform – from system and coverage design to deployment and system commissioning - leaving you to get on with what you do best.

The Tait System Design team consider compatibilities between legacy and new equipment, and are able to affect seamless transition through the definition and development of standard and non-standard network elements. The Tait design team accomplish this through our extensive experience integrating partner products and the products of our customers' preferred suppliers.

Tait P25: Engineered for smooth deployment.

White Paper

Under the Hood: Coverage theory for Public Safety networks - a System Engineer's view

This white paper provides network operators some insight into how a System Engineer can design for network coverage that meets specific requirements. It addresses three basic techniques, which, used individually or in combination, can overcome geographical or urbanization influences, to increase coverage reliability. While this paper is especially relevant for the critical coverage requirements of Public Safety operators, the principles described are equally applicable for other sectors.