Market leading network security and information privacy

To serve the public and keep first responders safe, Public Safety agencies must protect their communications systems and information from attack and inadvertent harm. With an award winning key management facility and end-to-end 256 bit encryption, the Tait P25 platform will exceed your expectations on network security and information protection.

The Tait P25 platform delivers market leading security with:

  • FIPs approved 256 bit AES encryption
  • Award winning Key Management Facility
  • Remote disable of stolen or lost radios
  • Intrusion protected devices
  • Physical and environmental alarm interfaces

Mission critical radio managers have three key security objectives; to protect their radio system from external attack, to avoid inadvertent network damage and to prevent unauthorized access to information. Governments are demanding that mission critical systems meet cyber-security requirements, adhere to privacy and confidentiality regulations, and meet data access and data privacy requirements.

End-to-end network encryption

The Tait P25 platform provides end-to-end, 256 bit AES encryption that is P25-compliant and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certified to prevent the unauthorized access of information.

Comprehensive access control

The Tait P25 platform incorporates a comprehensive set of access control features including EnableProtect Advanced System Key, part of the Tait Enable suite. EnableProtect Advanced System Key restricts the programming of devices to authorized personnel only and prevents unauthorized devices accessing the network.

Tait Enable also incorporates our industry recognized EnableProtect Key Management Facility (KMF), which enables the efficient deployment of P25 encryption keys to devices using over the air rekeying (OTAR). The KMF also includes a remote device inhibit facility that enables agencies to disable lost or stolen terminals. The EnableProtect Key Fill Device (KFD) makes securely encrypting digital radios in the field as efficient and error-free as possible.

The efficiency gains created through using the EnableProtect Key Management Facility and EnableProtect Key Fill Device increase your network security by enabling more frequent re-keying.

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Expert Tait training helps prevent inadvertent system damage

Unintentional damage to the radio system by inexperienced staff  presents a genuine threat to the safety and effectiveness of first responders. Tait experts deliver customized training programs to Public Safety agencies to minimize the risk of user error, putting your personnel in harm's way.

Core Tait network security

The Tait TB9400 base employs a base station access management system that provides secure password protected remote-access (via VPN) with retention of full audit and system logs. Remote access to the core Tait P25 network is only via IP connection which operates via Secure Shell (SSH) utilizing encrypted traffic between the client and the server and via the Dell iDrac (integrated Dell remote access controller) which also utilizes encrypted traffic (HTTPS). For added security the front panel, display and menus on the TB9400 base station can be disabled to prevent non-authorized changes to the base station by those physically on site. The TB9400 also provides 12 digital inputs which can form a wide range of security and environmental monitor and alarm interfaces.

Tait P25: Engineered to exceed expectation with network security.