P25 systems engineered for High Availability

Your mission critical radio system is the lifeline that connects your first responders to their colleagues, commander or dispatch center. The Tait P25 platform is engineered to deliver radio system availability optimized for your organizational requirements and within your available budget.

The Tait P25 platform achieves exceptional availability with;

  • Network design that maximizes resilience within your budget
  • Robust, reliable base stations and radios
  • Optimization of coverage
  • Advanced system-monitor and fall-back modes
  • Tait's world class system support services
  • Trunking functionality that dynamically assigns users to channels in real time

The Tait P25 platform offers extraordinary network redundancy and fault tolerance to deliver radio availability of over 99.99%.

Expert design for coverage and resilience

Tait has unrivaled expertise in designing Phase 2 upgradable trunked P25 systems that meet agency requirements, are fault tolerant and deliver optimal availability and coverage within agency budgets. Our engineers employ state-of-the-art coverage design tools to ensure optimized network configuration and verify network coverage.

Tait experts will plan your network's topology, eliminate single points of failure, integrate appropriate redundancy and design fall-back measures including; multiple backhaul options, power supplies, site equipment, additional console positions, and core network redundancy.

Robust, resilient P25 hardware

Tait P25 hardware is engineered to deliver robust products with exceptional performance, which allow the remote detection of failures and incorporates automatic fall-back modes to ensure maintenance of service. Tait P25 radios are tested to exceed military standards for durability and environmental protection. They deliver outstanding receiver sensitivity, selectivity and adjacent channel blocking to ensure uninterrupted audio clarity. Tait P25 base stations support advanced system monitoring and IP based management to ensure performance network issues are rapidly identified and addressed.

The Tait P25 platform has a range of redundancy and fall-back features including:

  • Hot-standby for core network servers - A back-up server that mirrors the active network server.
  • Base station redundancy - AC/DC base station operation with fail-soft, ensuring uninterrupted service during outages.
  • Modular base station design - Allows rapid replacement of modules in the rack.
  • Terminal fall back capability - Enables real time shift to conventional operation if the trunked network fails.

Backed by world renowned Tait Support Services

The Tait global Support Services team have a well-earned reputation for unrivaled dedication to ensuring Tait P25 networks deliver uninterrupted coverage and call availability.

Tait Support Services offer P25 network operators:

  • A tailored support plan
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Preventative network fault detection
  • 24 x 7 service desk support
  • On-site support if required
  • Response down to 30 minutes and restoration times down to 4 hrs
  • Customized reporting

Tait P25: Engineered to exceed public safety's expectations for network availability.

White Paper

Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Digital Radio Standards

This positioning paper will provide a summarized comparison of the current digital technologies outlining the advantages and disadvantages for each of them. The technologies compared are DMR, dPMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, NXDN and Opensky.