The P25 platform engineered to give maximum return on investment

Every detail of the Tait P25 platform has been designed to reduce the total cost of radio system ownership and to allow Public Safety communications managers to deliver more within their budgets and spectrum.

Communications managers are under pressure to provide first responders with richer communications and greater network performance – all within increasingly tight budgets and reduced spectrum. The Tait P25 platform is engineered to meet those challenges giving you maximum end user features and performance. All within your available CAPEX, and future proofed to minimize your long term OPEX. 

The Tait P25 platform will exceed your expectations on affordability and spectrum efficiency with:

  • Future proof TDMA hardware that's software upgradeable to ultra-narrowband Phase 2
  • IP based remote network device management
  • Trunking and simulcast functionality maximizing use of your existing spectrum
  • Feature rich LSM, multimode terminals
  • Standards compliant and manufacturer agnostic network hardware
  • Expert design and deployment services that cut total cost of ownership

Tait P25 offers improved performance today and is future proofed for future requirements

The Tait P25 Phase 2 software upgradeable platform provides trunked and simulcast technologies that share current radio resources more efficiently between users. This increases network capacity today. It also future-proofs your network for growth in user numbers in the future without additional investment in radio channels, licenses or hardware.

The Tait P25 platform employs Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM) to provide 33% greater coverage than C4FM solutions to dramatically reduce site counts and make your budgets go further.

Being P25 Phase 2 upgradeable the Tait platform it is ready to meet ultra-narrowbanding deadlines and to double your channel capacity, with a software-only upgrade and no installation of additional equipment.

CAP-tested for true multi-vendor interoperability

The market leading Tait platform fully implements the P25 standards. This ensures that network owners retain unrestricted flexibility to deploy the most cost effective equipment available onto their Tait network regardless of manufacturer. Genuine compliance with the Standard ensures seamless interoperability with neighboring standards approved P25 systems - eliminating the need for expensive integration.

Feature rich equipment that is flexible and built to last

Your network will suffer less expensive down-time and maintenance with Tait's MIL-STD tested P25 hardware that is engineered to work in the most demanding environments.

Tait's P25 base stations are feature rich and rugged. They incorporate integrated voting, simulcast and remote device management capabilities as standard. Having these features in one base station demands less rack space, creates fewer points of failure and reduces network complexity. The Tait P25 management platform enables engineers to monitor, diagnose and reconfigure base stations remotely, identify faults before outages and costly site visits and repairs occur.

Tait's ruggedized, multi-mode P25 terminals increase your migration path options. They can operate on existing analog infrastructure and move seamlessly onto any future P25 infrastructure.

Expert radio services that allow agencies to focus on Public Safety

The Tait P25 platform is backed up by an industry leading customer support team that offers full network design, deployment and management services. With Tait P25 you can choose the right level of expert support to meet your needs and allow your people to focus on what they do best, protecting the public.

Tait P25: Engineered to deliver public safety a better return on investment.

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