Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) for Public Safety

Tait DMR radio solutions can improve the efficiency and safety of your organization through extensive data capabilities combined with crystal-clear digital voice communications.

As one of the first implementations of trunked DMR (Digital Mobile Radio Tier 3), the Tait DMR Tier 3 solution offers a highly reliable and robust wireless communication solution well suited for mission-critical environments.

Tait is committed to open standards and our DMR radio solution is designed to the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio open standard. This includes dispatcher interfaces, location services and other applications. The Tait DMR solution also offers interoperability, choice for customers and guaranteed continuity of supply.

As with all DMR implementations, the Tait solution offers spectral efficiency by providing two logical channels in one physical 12.5kHz channel, resulting in 6.25kHz equivalent channel spacing. This makes it an ideal solution for areas with frequency spectrum congestion.

Tait DMR end-user devices (including portable and mobile radios) will support Bluetooth connectivity to enhance the user experience, and also offer flexibility and improved safety. Built-in GPS allows integration with AVL solutions for workforce management and asset management applications.

Benefits of Tait DMR

Tait DMR features that will benefit your organization include:

  • AVL and APL support, based on the DMR standard for location services
  • Data support for text and status messages
  • high quality voice calls to individuals, groups and fleet-wide broadcast
  • Bluetooth connectivity on portable radio
  • a DMR standards-based application interface
  • market-leading voice and data performance for enhanced worker safety
  • equipment operation in analog FM, MPT or DMR modes to ease network migration
  • intelligent network design with built-in redundancy.

From reliable high performance base stations/repeaters to portables and mobiles, routers, networking equipment and user integration, Tait can provide a communication solution fully compliant with the DMR standard, to suit your needs.

Tait will deploy a cost-effective radio communications platform that can grow in terms of size and functionality, and is interoperable with analog, MPT 1327 trunked, or other DMR solutions.

Customers will benefit from a single point of accountability, and world-class installation, training and technical support.

White paper

Digital Radio Standards Uncovered

This paper provides a technical introduction to digital radio standards and related technology platforms.

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