Technical benefits

Tait offers technically advanced solutions that provide the scalability, flexibility and endurance you need to operate your business today, as well as in the future. Some of the current technical benefits are outline below.

Migration solutions

Changes in regulatory requirements like narrowbanding can force you to replace your existing network. In this case, it is important that continuity of service is assured. Tait provides migration services and products to manage the migration process. Regardless of the size of the network that needs to be replaced or the time period set aside for migration, Tait will provide a migration solution tailored to the customer's specific operational environment.

Tait has a proven track record in providing cost-effective operationally efficient and reliable migration.

Upgradeable and expandable solutions

Budget constraints and funding challenges may mean that a desired solution is not achievable at initial system purchase. Tait ensures that its solutions can be upgraded and expanded over time by developing products and applications that align with open standards technology and provide backwards compatibility.

The following list is an example of upgrades and additions possible with Tait solutions:

  • Open standard portables, mobiles and base stations/repeaters to increase fleet numbers
  • Integration of data terminals to allow for better Grid management
  • Scalable encryption tools for secure communication
  • Software feature enhancements for up-to-date technology
  • Integration with third-party software applications
  • Integration with third-party, IP-based dispatch consoles
  • Additional sites for expanded coverage 

Reduced solution complexity

Because Tait is an end-to-end solution provider, our staff can reduce the complexity of your communications challenge by providing a one-stop shop. We supply complete turn-key solutions that combine a number of technologies and services to meet a customer's specific requirements.

Turnkey solutions include:

  • RF design and verification
  • Interface design
  • Product design and customization
  • Site and services management
  • Project management
  • Integration of third-party hardware and software applications
  • Training of your staff to ensure a positive user experience and optimised usage of networks features
  • Network management services
  • 24/7 support

Choice of technology

Tait uses industry-standard technologies and interfaces. Tait P25 and DMR products are tested for interoperability with other manufacturers' products. When you select a Tait solution, you avoid being locked to one specific vendor. An open standards based system allows you to make best use of your company's and taxpayers' money.

Choice of solution partners

Tait partners with leading industry providers to offer compelling turnkey solutions to the utilities industry. Based on required functionality, geographical area, and cost, Tait selects the most appropriate vendors to support the customer. Tait can offer you a choice of partners or make recommendations based on our experience.