Technical Benefits for Transport Operations


Across a wide customer range, Tait solutions are renowned for their reliability. In a world where health and safety concerns are paramount, ensuring that drivers and controllers can communicate at all times is crucial. Configurable emergency options, covert alarms, priority protocols, AVL and instant voice communications add up to safer passengers and drivers.

Reliability factors include:

  • testing beyond tough military standards (MIL-STD810F),
  • mobiles and portables rated IP54 and IP67 respectively,
  • conservative power rating.


Natural disasters and terrorist incidents are part of a transport providers' contingency planning. TaitNet systems are designed for outstanding resilience for peace of mind. Tait  delivers transport systems that have stringent availability KPIs built into the customer requirements.

Resilience factors include:

  • fully-redundant system architecture,
  • redundant back-haul options,
  • graceful degradation,
  • guaranteed performance KPIs.

Legacy Systems

Tait can provide solutions to customers who need to manage an extended migration from legacy systems, maintaining communications while a new system is specified and deployed.

Legacy systems migration includes:

  • building custom legacy replacement terminals,
  • maintaining legacy infrastructure,
  • migration planning and management.


Working with operators and integrators, Tait has identified the specific solutions required by the transport industry. These provide the performance and functionality a modern transport system requires.

Innovations included:

  • high speed polling for AVL giving a world-class performance of 900 polls/min,
  • remote programming and firmware updates for bus radios,
  • data broadcast for passenger information,
  • Traffic Signal Priority functions incorporated into the bus radio,
  • sign clear-down option for the bus radio.

White Paper

The limitations of data-only services for transport providers

Over the last few years, an increasing amount of data is being transmitted to and from public transport vehicles. This white paper considers the benefits of voice communications in public transport operations.

Client Story

London Bus, England

London Bus Services is one of the largest bus networks in the world.

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Custom Solutions

Often Tait customers ask for more than a communication system. We provide complete solutions that unify a number of technologies and services to meet a customer's specific requirements.

Custom solutions include:

  • RF design and verification,
  • interface design,
  • product design and customization,
  • site and services management,
  • project management,
  • support 24/7.

Technology Choice

With transport customers around the world different regulatory requirements can affect technology choices. Tait manufactures a range of technologies that  includes:

  • DMR Tier 2 (conventional) and DMR Tier 3 (trunked) systems,
  • MPT1327 trunked radio systems,
  • Conventional PMR/LMR systems,
  • P25 conventional, trunked and simulcast systems.


Tait closely monitors developments in the public transport sector to address future requirements and safeguard investment across the lifetime of the solution. Tait stays abreast with future developments through:

  • consultation with regulators,
  • membership of communications standards bodies, 
  • involvement with advanced research facilities.