Improved timetable compliance

On-time service is vital to retaining the provider contract and the confidence of the travelling public. Tait DMR Tier 3 voice and data network can help keep your city moving, getting your people to their destinations on time.

Instant Voice

Effective communication is key to managing expectations and ensuring everyone is following the same schedule and plan. Should questions arise, you and your operators are only one button press away from clear communication over the mission-critical radio network.

Automatic Vehicle Location

Thanks to Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data, dispatchers have constant and clear visibility of their fleet vehicles at all times. Location data can be sent directly to bus-stop arrival time signs over the radio network, giving customers accurate expectations.

Planners can also use the data on actual running times and static times to justify changes and make schedules more realistic and effective. Feedback to dispatch, operators and supervisors helps to improve schedule adherence.

Traffic Signal Prioritization (TSP)

If your vehicles need to speed up or slow down, the Tait radio network allows you to control traffic lights. With a single button press, bus operators can keep moving at the perfect pace by changing traffic lights to meet their needs.

White Paper

Introducing Unified Critical Communications for Public Safety

Learn how a unified critical communications approach can work, and how it can increase end user productivity, improve resilience and reduce costs.

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