Greater value and lower TCO

A communication network is a significant investment, and one that is often only made every 10-15 years. With Tait, you can trust that you're investing in future proof technology that will bring considerable value and benefit for years to come.

Fewer sites for greater coverage

The DMR Tier 3 digital standard gives you excellent, wide-area coverage. In fact, when compared to Tetra, DMR Tier 3 requires fewer towers for the same coverage area.

Quality in everything we do

Great care and craftsmanship goes into every stage of the Tait building process. We design, engineer, manufacture, install, and service our own equipment in-house. We love communication technology, and our passion shows in the quality of our RF performance. When you select Tait, you can rest assured that you're choosing a high-performing solution that will endure for years to come.

Private ownership

Tait recognizes the value of operators being in control of their own, dedicated communications networks. In times of crisis, third party infrastructure becomes overloaded or damaged beyond immediate repair. This can be the very time that transport operators are called upon to assist civil authorities or handle extraordinary demand.

Self-ownership guarantees access and coverage, predictable (and low) ongoing costs, control during times of crisis, and vehicle to vehicle communications, even if infrastructure is unavailable.

Reduced total cost of ownership

As organizations take a longer term view of their expenditure, total cost of ownership is a significant factor. Tait also takes a long term view, understanding that equipment is expected to last many years. Tait solutions help operators and integrators to protect their investment,  offering:

  • Tait Tough mobiles and portable terminals which are easy to maintain,
  • remote programming and monitoring that reduces extra travel and increases efficiency,
  • excellent technical support for all solution elements,
  • robust system design and implementation.

White Paper

Guide to Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

Intrinsically Safe (IS) equipment is designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres without the risk of becoming an ignition source or creating a spark that might cause a fire or explosion.

Client Story

Dublin Bus, Ireland

Dublin Bus is a metropolitan bus company operating 1100 vehicles on 220 routes.

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