Enhanced environmental performance

We need to take care of the environment, after all, it is our only home. Every step can make a difference, and Tait technology can help improve your organization's environmental performance. Not only that, but these improvements will also save your organization time and money.

Traffic Signal Prioritization

Traffic Signal Prioritization (TSP) can save time, fuel and emissions. Wireless-enabled TSP technology keeps busses moving, therefore reducing engine idle time and pull-away emissions by allowing buses to maintain a steady speed.

A reduction of just 10 seconds per kilometer can result in massive emission and passenger time savings. Industry studies show this reduces nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates. Delays at signals are reduced, total travel times decreased and on-time arrival improved.

White Paper

Guide to Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

Intrinsically Safe (IS) equipment is designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres without the risk of becoming an ignition source or creating a spark that might cause a fire or explosion.

Client Story

London Bus, England

London Bus Services is one of the largest bus networks in the world.

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