Effectively manage service interruption

Reliable voice and data networks owned by the operator prove their worth during major incidents, when third party networks can become quickly overwhelmed or disabled. Storms, sporting events, accidents, parades, or any other incident can clog both the roads and the public cellular networks.

Tait can provide a private, mission-critical voice and data network that won't fail you when you need it most. Stay connected to your people and your city when they're counting on your organization to keep them safe and keep them moving.

Real-time voice transmission

Instant, interactive voice communications can relay the on-the-ground details for a flexible and co-ordinated response. When an incident occurs, you don't want to wait until someone can pull out their cell phone, unlock it, find the correct contact, and make a call (only to find the network is busy because everyone in the area is doing the same thing).

Instead, give them a Tait Tough radio that will instantly allow them to talk with the push of a button. They can keep their eyes on the incident instead of their phone, and communication will be possible. Tait networks are resilient and reliable, built to last when all else fails.

Real-time data transmission

Real-time data transmission allows operators to quickly pinpoint routine problems and efficiently co-ordinate service recovery. Thanks to programmable function keys, a single button press from an operator can report anything from a double-parked car, a repairs request, or an emergency.

By simplifying the user interface, bus operators can keep their focus on the road and help resolve interruptions at a quick pace.

White Paper

The limitations of data-only services for transport providers

Over the last few years, an increasing amount of data is being transmitted to and from public transport vehicles. This white paper considers the benefits of voice communications in public transport operations.

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