Communications Solutions for Public Safety

Law Enforcement and Police

Law Enforcement and Police

The daily duties and workload of a police officer is already stressful enough without also having to worry about whether their radios will work when they need them.

Tait has four decades of experience in designing and delivering critical communications solutions in the challenging environments that police face. The Tait difference is the choice we offer-P25 conventional, trunked, simulcast (conventional and trunked), multicast systems across VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz—and that we will take the time to listen to your challenges.

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Client Story

City of Augusta, ME, USA

Augusta Public Safety Dispatch services Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services.

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Fire and Emergency Response

Fire and Emergency Response

Fire and emergency response personnel need to have the confidence that their communications system will work when they are responding to an event. Critical communications systems must deliver uninterrupted coverage and clarity anywhere—high noise environments, dense urban areas, within buildings or remote and rural areas.

Tait has more than four decades of experience in designing and delivering critical communications solutions to meet the challenging needs that fire and emergency response organizations and workers face.

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Client Story

New Zealand Fire Service, New Zealand

The NZFS has 436 fire stations and 800 appliances throughout the country, employs more than 1,600 firefighters with an additional 8,400 volunteers.

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White Paper

Introducing Unified Critical Communications for Public Safety

The communications network options for Public Safety agencies have different characteristics and choosing between them can be confusing. The key to realizing the combined strengths of each network is a unified critical communications approach. In this paper, you will learn how this approach can work, and how it can increase end user productivity, improve resilience and reduce costs. Access this paper

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