Technical benefits

Working with Tait offers considerable technical benefits, including:

Migratable solutions

Tait has a track record of providing solutions to customers who need to manage an extended migration from legacy systems that need to be maintained while a new system is specified and deployed. Current Tait customers use a hybrid technology system which allows some agencies to remain on analog while others work primarily on digital channels.

Legacy systems migration includes:

  • Building custom legacy replacement terminals
  • Maintaining legacy infrastructures
  • Migration consultancy, planning and management

Upgradable solutions

Budget constraints and funding challenges may mean that a desired solution may never be complete after an initial system purchase. Tait ensures that its solutions can be upgradable over time by developing products and applications that align with open standards technology, and Federal and Government funding regulations. Tait solutions can be added to or upgraded with some of following options:

  • P25 compliant (CAP) portables, mobiles and base stations/repeaters to increase fleet numbers
  • Integration with third-party IP-based dispatch consoles using digital trunked (CSSI), conventional (DFSI) and 4-wire analog gateways
  • Scalable encryption tools for secure communications
  • Software feature enhancements for up-to-date technology
  • Additional sites for expanded coverage
  • Support contracts for 24/7 help

Reduced solution complexity

Because Tait is an end-to-end solution provider, our staff can reduce the complexity of your communications challenge by providing a one-stop shop. We supply complete turn-key solutions that combine a number of technologies and services to meet a customer's specific requirements.

Turn-key solutions include:

  • RF design and verification
  • Interface design
  • Product design and customization
  • Site and services management
  • Project management
  • Support 24/7

Choice of technology

Tait recognizes that many of its public safety customers work in different regions of the world. Regions have different regulatory requirements which sometimes affect technology choices. Tait manufactures a range of technologies that are suitable around the globe.

Technology choices include:

  • P25 (digital) conventional, trunked and simulcast systems
  • DMR (digital) conventional, trunked and simulcast systems
  • Conventional PMR/LMR systems
  • QS2 simulcast systems
  • MPT1327 trunked radio systems 

Choice of solution partners

Tait speclializes in radio communications and works with only the best technology partners to provide parts of a wider communication solution that we do not manufacture. From console vendors to specialist accessory manufacturers, and from AVL developers to fellow P25 manufacturers, Tait can offer you a choice of partners or make recommendations based on our experience.

Industry leading network backbone

The TB9100 is a market-leading base station / repeater with advanced features that set it apart from its competition, offer a better investment and peace of mind for those workers responsible for network maintenance. All TaitNet P25 conventional, trunking and simulcast systems utilize the TB9100 which offers superior built-in functionality. Built-in voting, voice over IP, and remote access and alarms reduce capital expenditure because less equipment is needed from the outset, while variable costs are contained by reduced site visits. In addition, sophisticated task manager, customer service software and remote diagnostics offer a raft of benefits including fewer site visits.