Solutions for Mining, Oil, and Gas

Physiological Monitoring Solutions

Tait BioLink is a physiological monitoring solution that will enhance your staff safety. Your dispatch operators will receive instant alerts if incidents occur involving one of your people. Alerts can be sent in response to a changes in body position, temperature, or heart rate over your existing radio network, providing high levels of coverage and reliability. Quicker and more detailed alerts means your people will receive critical help faster and you will reduce operational disruptions. Read More

Location Solutions

Integrated location services enable mining oil and gas clients to safely and efficiently manage their field operations. Personnel location and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), the wireless reporting of the current GPS position of mobile assets on a map 24/7 help improve efficiency and shorten response times during incidents. Read More

Interoperability Solutions

Tait partner with interoperability experts like Cisco to provide seamless, unified mission critical communications solutions. We take advantage of the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response solution loaded with capabilities to deliver the results our clients need. Through our intelligent use of partner systems are able to unify your telephone, internet, LTE, and radio networks into a seamless critical communications network. Read More

LTE Solutions

Installing a private broadband system is now possible with 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Dedicated broadband networks ensure your people can access high speed data when and where it is most needed, without compromise. Tait can help you evaluate the need for private LTE in your network, and then integrate the technology with your LMR system and IT infrastructure to create an end-to-end unified critical communications environment.

SCADA and Remote control - Gridlink

Many organizations wish to control some machinery remotely. If you have a Tait voice and data network in place then you can very efficiently utilise that network to control remote equipment without the need for new networks or expensive fibre optic cabling. Because Tait networks are mission-critical grade they provide a highly resilient and economical machine control solution.

Worldwide connection to field personnel

Tait partners with cellular communications providers to connect your field personnel, who are utilizing Tait land mobile radios, to the cellular phones of their colleagues around the world. Our PTT App enables your management personnel to connect using VoIP with your on-site staff via a handheld smartphone app, at the push of the virtual PTT button.