Worker Safety

Don't make compromises with the communications platform that underpins your workforce safety.

Many mining, oil and gas organizations have a workforce that deals with a level of risk on a daily basis. Resource companies must provide a safe working environment in order to protect their people, keep production moving, and bring new employees into the business.

Giving workers uninterrupted access to vital information is key to maintaining safety and efficiency in the workplace. When communications are lost, lives are put at risk. Tait delivers best practice in worker safety with a range of voice and data solutions that can be applied right now, and grow with you in the future.

If you choose MPT, P25, or DMR Tier 3 your workers will gain uninterrupted access to clear voice communication with wide area coverage, can stay informed of network status through direct access to operational applications, and benefit from emergency calling features.

Tait radio is also capable of more than just voice, and can transmit mission-critical data. Gain visibility of your workers' locations, heart rate, position, and more. We unify your critical communications to offer mining, oil and gas enhanced worker safety.

Location based applications

Location based services allow your management team to know the precise location of workers and assets. If something unusual happens, you will know exactly where to send help.

The new location-based business applications provide location-specific warnings and vital information during emergencies, keeping workers out of harm's way. This dynamic picture of resource operations is a big step forward to help keep workers informed and safe.

Call availability

Your workforce must cooperate seamlessly to accomplish their work in remote and difficult environments. Workers need constant access to communications - the safety of each worker depends on their ability to make and receive calls without delay when required. Warning calls and calls for assistance must connect when they need it most.

Tait services will work to ensure you have the maximum coverage in your area. Tait networks are designed with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure maximum system uptime and include call availability features such as emergency calls, call priority, call timers and call queuing.

Call clarity

Your workers need more than just reliable voice calls to keep them safe - they need a radio system that delivers market-leading call clarity. Our advanced radio technology provides better noise rejection, and preserves voice quality over great ranges. Clear voice allows workers to communicate more rapidly and accurately, increasing the organization's efficiency. When emergencies occur, improved call clarity will buy your workforce precious seconds to respond.

Don't compromise on the safety of your workforce. Tait Communications has proven experience in delivering high-availability, mission-critical communications to workforces around the globe. Unify your critical communications with Tait to improve worker safety, both now and into the future.