Unified Networks

Technology frequently changes and grows in complexity, but that doesn't mean your life needs to become more complicated. Tait converges diverse technologies to deliver stronger, simpler, safer critical communications. These technologies include Broadband 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Wi-Fi. Tait's adherence to open standards, commitment to innovation, and extensive partner network mean you can enjoy a unified network.

Tait Communications has been providing the mining industry with mission critical communications for more than 30 years. Today, mines not only require mission critical voice systems, but also mobile data to help provide safe working environments for their employees. Alongside this are business requirements for increased automation and workforce management, which necessitate a common communications bearer to help deliver these efficiencies and provide sufficient capacity for growth into the foreseeable future.

Open Networks with Interoperability and seamless roaming

A unified communications solution starts with a foundation of multiple networks that can address the best possible coverage and capacity required.

Unified solutions include:

  • A dedicated broadband 4G LTE system, which offers low latency, high capacity for open-pit operations supporting rich media (e.g. video), workforce management and telemetry.
  • An open-standards based Digital Mobile Radio platform, which provides assured group voice communications over wide-areas, and low speed reliable telemetry (DMR or P25).
  • Wi-Fi networks, which extend local connectivity for devices, workers and underground operations.
  • Ethernet fixed networks for buildings, fixed sites and equipment.

Interoperability between these networks and devices, including Tait networks, can be connected to a Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS). This enables users with a variety of communication devices (smartphones, landline telephones and radios on other LMR networks) to communicate and work together.

Tait innovation provides another level of benefit by allowing seamless roaming between these networks. As workers move about, they will automatically connect to the best available networks. Fixed assets will have primary and backup connectivity options to assure communication.

Adherence to open standards

Tait radios are always built with open standards. Engineers design and deploy equipment so that it will work with your existing communication infrastructure, and also allow easy migrations in the future. Many companies surround their open standard equipment with proprietary special features that lock you into their solution. Tait refuses to do this, and instead adheres to open standards to encourage competition, enable partnering, and allow our clients to make the best decision for their organization.

Commitment to Innovation

Tait constantly pushes the boundaries of technology . For instance, we were the first to bring DMR Tier 3 to the market and frequently release innovative new solutions, such as BioLink or Tait Enable.

Tait experts spend significant time with clients, working to understand your world. As needs are recognized, solutions are built. With each innovation, Tait seeks to give users an intuitive and more unified experience.

Partnerships with global leaders

Our dedication to deliver value to clients across the globe motivates us to work with best-in-class partners.  We know that our clients are depending on us to deliver critical communication solutions that enable the operational outcomes they seek. We leverage a diverse set of best-of-breed partners to ensure that we can deliver outcomes that add value to your business. 

Our partner philosophy is simple: We partner with companies to extend our reach, to add value and to expand the functionality of our clients' networks. In other words, we work with partners to seamlessly integrate solutions like LTE, location services, and SCADA control with your critical voice network. Tait introduces our partners' solutions to our clients at the right time, with the right approach. 

We are proud of the strong partner relationships we have. Together, we deliver world-class solutions for clients every day. 

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