Network performance and reliability

Your mission critical communication system is a lifeline for your people. Mining, oil and gas organizations need a network they can trust. Many employees work in isolated areas, and reliable communication is essential for both safety and operational efficiency.

Tait digital platforms are designed to provide the coverage, ease-of-use, management tools, and redundancy options to ensure the maximum system uptime for you to rely on when you need it most. Adhering to true Mission Critical design standards, Tait provides a private, secure, and highly resilient communication path for resource organizations.

Resilient communication system

Tait radio networks are resilient communication systems, designed to cope with the issues caused by environmental, accidental and willful damage. Designed around a central control architecture, and numerous methods used to avoid single points of failure. The network minimizes the control traffic between sites making it easier to secure traffic and reducing overall bandwidth requirements.

Reliable data capabilities up to the edge of coverage

Tait DMR Tier 3 provides extensive data capabilities that can utilize traffic channels as well as the control channel. Unlike broadband networks, the data capacity and latency is consistent throughout the coverage area, which makes DMR highly suitable for SCADA and telemetry applications. Coverage of a DMR network is similar to analog when using the same transmission frequency and power.

Scalability and flexibility

Tait solutions are flexible and scalable for both conventional and trunked systems. The trunked systems support dynamic allocation of channels to voice or data based on demand - instead of assigning dedicated voice and data channels. Expansion of the network (adding channels) can be easily achieved without reconfiguring terminals, applications or infrastructure.

Ensure reliable communications with capacity management and prioritization

When a significant event occurs there are unpredictable peaks in network traffic. Correct prioritization of different traffic types ensures the most important messages always get through. Tait networks can prioritize calls, helping to save lives and restoring your network as soon as possible. Tait DMR, for instance, supports four priority levels that are customizable depending on customer needs. Other built-in features to improve reliability include call queuing, call priority, preemption protocols, and dynamic voice and data channel sharing.

Placing control of your network in your hands

Tait Enable is a revolutionary software suite that places the control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Management has never been easier, and Tait Enable is sure to improve your network performance.

Tait services help ensure optimum network performance

Choosing Tait as your communications partner ensures your solution is designed, deployed, supported, and managed by experienced service professionals who listen, understand your needs and deliver innovative services. With our world-class engineering and comprehensive services offering, we can deliver a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations. Learn more about Tait Services.