Organizational benefits

Working with Tait offers considerable business benefits, including:

Ease of operating within budget

Tait offers high value solutions which can be matched to your current and long-term funding capabilities, allowing organizations to operate within budget. Tait solutions help public safety organizations to safeguard their investment by offering:

  • Seamless gradual migration from existing systems
  • P25 compliant mobiles and portable terminals which are reliable, durable and easy to use
  • Features that allow remote programming and monitoring
  • Excellent technical support for all solution elements
  • Robust system design and implementation
  • Enhanced total value of ownership

Tait recognizes the value of public safety agencies being in control of their own, dedicated communications networks. Recent events around the world have shown how, in times of crisis, third party infrastructure is often overloaded or damaged beyond immediate repair.

A safer workforce

In a world where health and safety concerns are now paramount, ensuring that officers and despatchers can communicate at all times is crucial and using a truly reliable Tait solution is a key factor in achieving this. The Tait philosophy to ensure company profits are driven back into research and development promotes a culture of engineering excellence within the Tait.

Our radios are built, designed and tested to withstand the most demanding treatment and environments, so a first responder can rely on it when the need arises. Configurable emergency and worker safety options, covert terminals, encryption and key management options, AVL and instant voice communications add up to safer and more effective operations.

Reliability factors include:

  • Testing beyond tough military standards (MIL-STD-810 F)
  • Mobiles and portables rated at IP54 and IP67
  • IS rated portables with shock absorbent dual-shot molding
  • Conservative power consumption

More secure communications

Secure communications are paramount for police and law enforcement agencies needing to hold private conversations without the threat of eavesdroppers intercepting information. Tait staff are encryption experts, delivering secure P25 communications with a scalable Key Management Facility, Key Fill Device and radios with Over-the-Air Rekeying (OTAR) capability. Tait offers DES encryption or AES encryption which is FIPS 140-2 certified.

Regulatory compliance adherence

There are several ways a Tait solution can meet regulatory compliance. Tait offers migration paths from wideband technology to narrowband options that will deliver spectral efficiency while adhering to 12.5kHz mandates. An investment in a Tait P25 solution can be upgraded over time as the technology evolves into the next phase.

Tait is also an industry leader of interoperable P25 technology and is an inaugural participant in the P25 compliance assessment program (CAP). The Department of Homeland Security is requiring any agency receiving grants for interoperable communications to purchase equipment that has passed P25 CAP testing. The government-organized program helps assure buyers of P25 equipment that radios and networks from participating manufacturers will work seamlessly.

Future-proof system

Tait continues to closely monitor developments in the public safety sector. Work is ongoing to address future requirements in its solutions. This helps to safeguard investment across the lifetime of the solution. Tait stays abreast with future developments in various ways:

  • As members of industry bodies around the world
  • Consultation with regulators
  • Memberships on communications standards committees
  • Involvement with interoperability testing programs

Proof of KPI performance

TaitNet systems are designed to offer outstanding resilience giving peace of mind. Tait has delivered safety systems that have stringent availability KPI’s built into the customer requirements.

Resilience factors include:

  • Fully-redundant system architecture
  • Redundant back-haul options
  • Graceful degradation
  • Guaranteed performance KPI’s