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Get the BioLink Starter Pack

A BioLink Starter pack includes everything you need to get BioLink up and running for your team. It includes all the required system hardware and software. Additionally, Tait engineers and experts will work with you to ensure that the system is set up exactly as you need.

The starter pack gets you:

  • A 1-crew base system, supported by the Tait team.
  • Regular Interaction with the Tait BioLink Team and experts. This will also provide opportunities to refine the solution to better fit your needs.
  • Delivery of the updated application version on release
Biolink Starter Pack

What is included in the base system?

A Tait BioLink 1-crew base system contains:

  • 4 x BioHarness™ personal monitoring sensors.
  • 5 x Tait TP9400 16-key P25 conventional portable radios, with batteries and chargers
  • 1 x Tait BioLink application.
  • Laptop to run the Tait BioLink application.
  • T-shirt with integrated BioHarness™ is available for a nominal additional cost per crew member

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