Tait BioLink: Physiological Monitoring Solution

Tait BioLink is a physiological monitoring solution enhancing staff safety.

Tait BioLink allows Police, SWAT, Fire, Utilities and Mining organizations concerned about staff safety to be alerted to changes in their staff wellbeing.

It employs existing P25 networks to give incident commanders and control room staff real time visibility of the well being of their responders when they are involved in incidents or training exercises.

By enabling detailed real-time monitoring of exceptions in heart and breathing rates, stress levels, low activity, heat stroke or falls, BioLink can help augment health and safety procedures, accountability, tactical decision making and situational awareness. BioLink seamlessly operates with existing voice P25 capability using the Zephyr BioHarness™ to bring back physiological data that will dramatically improve command decision-making during incident management.

BioHarness™ used in the Tait BioLink solution
BioHarness™ used in the Tait BioLink solution

BioLink provides commanders with a highly intuitive PC interface that gives instant access to staff physiological data as well as enabling a wide range of trigger alerts to be set.

Tait BioLink User Interface

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Key Features of the Tait BioLink Solution:

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