São Paulo Military Police, Brazil

The São Paulo Military Police (SPMP) is the largest police force in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, employing over 138,000 personnel. SPMP comprises more than 28,000 radio users across the state of São Paulo.

We have seen the direct and indirect results, such as reduced rates of aggravated robbery and homicide, and citizens starting feel safer and more protected.

Lt. Colonel Dr Ari Bezerra dos Santos, São Paulo Military Police


The Military Police of São Paulo (SPMP), in Brazil, South America, faced a significant and growing threat from organized crime syndicates, which compromised both officer and public safety in a state with 645 cities and over 41 million people. SPMP is responsible for visible street policing, anti-rioting and the preservation of public order.

A truly secure police radio communications system was critical to delivering a successful outcome. 


SPMP looked to Tait Communications as a trusted, reliable and P25-compliant supplier to provide terminals that could be used on its existing P25 network. Tait supplied over 10,000 P25 digital terminals complete with high-level DES encryption and Over-The-Air Re-keying for secure, efficient key management.

Open-standards P25 technology was important to SPMP so that they would not be locked in to purchasing from one manufacturer, and could benefit through price competition. Being P25-compliant, Tait P25 terminals operate in both analog and digital mode, which allowed for seamless interoperability with SPMP's existing analog radios during the staged phase-out.


As part of a long-term crime-prevention plan, SPMP's P25 digital radio communications system contributed to a 60 percent reduction in the state's crime rate between 2006 and 2011.

SPMP now has the ability to manage police communications across mixed fleets in a highly secure and efficient way, resulting in improved safety for both police and public.

As well as providing interoperability with Civil Police and the Fire Department, the dual-mode terminals have allowed SPMP to gradually migrate to three Tait Communications digital P25 conventional networks over a five-year period, significantly reducing capital outlay.

SPMP has been highly impressed by the exceptional audio quality and robustness of the Tait P25 digital radios, and are now benefiting from these advantages in the field.

While providing the state-of-the-art P25 digital radio solution that SPMP needed, the open-standards, fully interoperable system has also delivered real taxpayer value for the State of São Paulo.

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