Summer Internship: Voice Quality Test System Project

Voice Quality Test System

If you have an interest in Audio Processing and would like to spend your Summer building a test system which will measure and test Audio Quality, then apply for this interesting acoustics project.   

Voice quality is one of the key usability parameters in Mobile Radio and is critical for effective speech communications by Public Safety and Utilities customers.  To keep competitive our audio quality must be excellent and also be continually improved to keep ahead of our competitors.  This project will establish a modern, robust and easy-to-use automated test system for quantifying voice quality of Mobile Radios under various conditions.  The project will build on existing tests and will enable continuous improvement to be made in voice quality without doing extensive and costly subjective testing.

If you have an interest in Audio Processing (maybe gained from hobby Acoustics or operating mixing desks for example) and you have some of the following skills then please apply for this project.

  • An interest in Acoustics;
  • Software programming experience using C# language and .Net framework;
  • Python coding experience would be an advantage;
  • Good communication (both oral and written);
  • Practical experience (e.g. using test equipment such as Oscilloscopes and Audio Analysers).

Our Clients protect communities, power cities, move citizens, harness resources and save lives all over the world. We work with them to create and support the critical communication solution they depend on to do their jobs.

Digital wireless communications forms the central nervous system of everything we do.  We design and manage innovative communication environments for organisations that have to put their total trust in the systems and people they work with.

We make sure that public safety agencies have a wireless communication network that is robust enough to keep their front-line officers informed and safe. We provide solutions for electrical utilities companies that help them keep the power on. In short, we develop communications solutions that are used at the sharp end around the world.

This understanding, and our belief in championing open-standards technology, means we can give our clients the best possible choice and value to achieve the human outcomes they're driven by.

It is easy to see why we are devoted to our customers cause. To understand how, check out

This is a fixed term summer-vacation position.

Eligible Interns Must:

To be eligible for a placement, students must:

  • Have completed their penultimate or final year of an undergraduate or honours degree, a postgraduate diploma or certificate, or co-joint undergraduate degrees;
  • Be studying science, technology, engineering, design or business at a New Zealand university or tertiary institute;
  • Be a New Zealand citizen or resident or hold a relevant visa;
  • Not have been previously employed at the business or in the industry under a professional arrangement.