Summer Internship: Evaluate software container platforms for embedded applications to cloud deployments

With recent developments around Docker and Linux Containers (LXC), there now seems to be a viable alternative to the hypervisor and traditional virtualisation for application infrastructures.

The goal of this project is to research, compare and evaluate the suitability of different software containers across examples of Tait's cloud, core network and embedded applications.

For example, with recent developments around Docker and Linux Containers (LXC), there now seems to be a viable alternative to the hypervisor and traditional virtualization for application infrastructures. LXC is a kernel technology that is able to run a multitude of processes, each in their own isolated environment. This technique is called container-based virtualization. Docker is a tool that makes it easy to package an application and all of its dependencies into such containers. Other implementations exist which may also be viable alternatives.

The challenge of this project is to inform the containing of applications on the UnifyVehicle ADK, the Terminal Evolution platform, the Core network servers, as well as Tait Enable.

The deliverables of this work are:

  • Research the different software container implementations
  • Assess how each implementation manages resources and processing power
  • Prepare a set of design guidelines, considering ease (and scale) of deployment
  • Software implementation of a proof-of-concept container
  • Engagement with mentors to review the project direction
  • Presentation and practical demonstration if appropriate, of the work to peers
  • A final report, presenting recommendations for Tait's cloud, core network and embedded applications.

The ideal person for this project is someone with a background in software engineering and/or computer science. Application layer experience on Linux or smart devices is ideal. Experience in working across integration with hardware and software is also advantageous.

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This is a fixed term summer-vacation position.

Eligible interns must:

To be eligible for a placement, students must:

  • Have completed their penultimate or final year of an undergraduate or honours degree, a postgraduate diploma or certificate, or co-joint undergraduate degrees.
  • Be studying science, technology, engineering, design or business at a New Zealand university or tertiary institute.
  • Be a New Zealand citizen or resident or hold a relevant visa.
  • Not have been previously employed at the business or in the industry under a professional agreement.